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The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Powered Cooking in an Instant Pot

Want to master Instant Pot Cooking? Looking to eat more plant based this year? Get unlimited access to our online hub for plant-powered recipes, resources, and more!

What is plant-powered cooking?

Contrary to popular belief, plant-based eating isn’t just for vegetarians or vegans!  Vegetables are essential to maintaining a healthy body, weight, and lifestyle, and they help lower cholesterol, aid in digestion, and help stabilize blood sugar.

But many people turn up their noses at vegetables, thinking only of boring steamed broccoli or mushy peas.  But when they’re cooked right and well-seasoned, vegetables can be amazing, filling, and healthy!  We want to change people’s opinions on vegetables by showing them how to shop, cook, appreciate, and enjoy the vegetables we grew up on.

"I had such a great time in Rama and Anita’s class. We made delicious food and I learned a lot of good cooking tips. It was also a fun night out with friends! I can’t wait to do it again!?"


Meet the Chefs

We are Anita and Rama, a mother-daughter team with a shared passion for food, cooking, and eating! We believe food is the glue that holds family and friends together. We want to share our joy of cooking plant-based foods in this guide and on our YouTube channel, Plant-Powered Cooking by WannaBee Chef. We are both professionally trained chefs, but cooking is our love language - it is the culinary manifestation of our hearts and souls.

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